e-mobility: Branding concept for electromobility.

Vienna Design Week: The chair which defines Vienna for 10 days a year.

one - communication: We cultivated the one brand for almost eight years.

Corporate design: logos just as colourful and individual as the jobs themselves.

pro bono: Brand Development Aid for a Good Cause.

Welle 1 Tirol: Redesign for an alpine Station.

Freude (delight): The name sets the agenda for the agency and its design.

Lounge FM: Austria's most laid-back media brand.

Kneissl: Reinterpreting a cult Austrian brand.

Energy Krieau: Corporate Identity für einen deutschen Identifiktationsspezialisten

Knox Data: A brand which gives you rapid data security.

abroadband: Naming and design for an international roaming product.

Bee Pure: Naming and corporate design for Croatian propolis products.

talking design: "Appealing Design" taken literally.

Schlösserstraße: A brand born of 17 castles in south-east Austria.