The Innsbruck municipal enterprises are simply one.
We invest a lot of passion and energy in the idea that the corporate design alone can transmit a brand’s story. The Innsbruck municipal enterprises (Kommunalbetriebe) provide energy, water, district heating and waste treatment - and are therefore an invisible but crucial part of the everyday life of Tyrol’s residents. We transformed the i into a 1, thereby not only conveying the claim of a market leader, but also the benefits of an all-in-one organisation and simplicity. This idea was easy to smuggle into everyday communication - completely in the spirit of perfect “1nfrastructure”. The German word Energie became Energ1e and responsible waste treatment became Recycl1ng. Tirol transformed into T1rol and a single corporate design suddenly became Communicat1on.

We developed the new corporate design, the logo and the resultant communication concept for Brainds.
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