paybox: Corporate redesign and communication for the inventor of mobile parking.

New Marx: Nomen est omen - a city quarter gets a new idea and a name to match.

Brand-Reanimation Bringing traditional Brands back to Life.

Lorünser: Corporate design for 5-star tradition fit for a king.

Theater St. Gallen: Orchestrating brands for world premieres.

Energy Krieau: Corporate Identity für einen deutschen Identifiktationsspezialisten

pro corpore: Bringing together Body, Beauty and Balance in a single logo.

Schwarzach: Corporate Design for a borough in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley.

Naming: The first step towards strong branding is getting the right name.

Saalfelden Leogang: Brand development in the truest sense of the word.

Burgtheater: The best German-speaking theatre merges tradition with modernity.

Smart Net Telecommunications on the “Roof of the World”

Tonio: The world’s first audio QR code.

Vienna Design Week: The chair which defines Vienna for 10 days a year.

Bird Radio: For the feminine Side in all of us.