FL1: Corporate Design for the world's smallest genuine mobile provider

Energy Krieau: Corporate Identity für einen deutschen Identifiktationsspezialisten

Sportclub Klosterneuburg: A football club treats itself to a new logo.

Babacu: For the softest skin, the world’s hardest nut.

pro bono: Brand Development Aid for a Good Cause.

Schlösserstraße: A brand born of 17 castles in south-east Austria.

Brand development: If it’s easy to read, it was difficult to write.

Vienna Design Week: The chair which defines Vienna for 10 days a year.

myCAST.is: Social Media Stage for Careers.

Hotel Austria: Design for a down-to-earth hotel in Lech am Arlberg.

Ehre Vodka: Noblesse from the Heart of Austria.

paybox Bank: Design for the world’s first mobile operator to provide banking services.

indoors: Corporate Design, for Indoor-Orientation.

Luna Radio: A moonstrucked design for pop around the clock.

Rii Seez Net: “Rii-Design" for a Swiss full-service Communications Provider.