abroadband: Naming and design for an international roaming product.

paybox: Corporate redesign and communication for the inventor of mobile parking.

Naming: The first step towards strong branding is getting the right name.

pro bono: Brand Development Aid for a Good Cause.

Apis-Z: Corporate Design for everything to do with bees.

Burgtheater: The best German-speaking theatre merges tradition with modernity.

Nodyssee Social Aid for the Disadvantaged.

ich: Mobile platform for organising data and one-click publishing.

Viertel Zwei: Brand development for an urban development project in Vienna.

Corporate design: logos just as colourful and individual as the jobs themselves.

Bird Radio: For the feminine Side in all of us.

Freude (delight): The name sets the agenda for the agency and its design.

Ehre Vodka: Noblesse from the Heart of Austria.

airwin: A brand personifying communication and gambling on mobile devices.

Welle 1 Tirol: Redesign for an alpine Station.