Bregenzer Festspiele: Lake Constance - a brand and a flexible stage.

Austrian State Ballet: Public image of the Vienna State Opera Ballet.

pro bono: Brand Development Aid for a Good Cause.

ich: Mobile platform for organising data and one-click publishing.

Brand development: If it’s easy to read, it was difficult to write.

one - communication: We cultivated the one brand for almost eight years.

Theater St. Gallen: Orchestrating brands for world premieres.

Schwarzach: Corporate Design for a borough in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley.

nächst Stephan: Design for a real estate project in Vienna’s most exclusive location.

Ehre Vodka: Noblesse from the Heart of Austria.

FL1: Corporate Design for the world's smallest genuine mobile provider

paybox: Corporate redesign and communication for the inventor of mobile parking.

abroadband: Naming and design for an international roaming product.

New Marx: Nomen est omen - a city quarter gets a new idea and a name to match.

Lounge FM: Austria's most laid-back media brand.