A logo breaks through its bonds.
The Festspielhaus St. Pölten is not only one of the most innovative cultural buildings in Austria but also one of the country's leading venues for dance and music. The programme mixes classical with avant-garde, the different ensembles give guest performances which are highly individual both in terms of staging and in terms of communication. Consequently, the challenge for a communications concept was to develop a strong visual hook which could, in the truest sense, "bind" highly disparate styles and images. Culture connects people, culture binds us and shatters our bonds. It is possible to depict this exactly. This is exactly what permeates everything from the evening programme through to the signage.

We were privileged to extend this binding communication idea developed by Brainds. The existing logo and its particular writing style (FEST/SPIEL/HAUS/ST.PÖLTEN) depicts the many facets of the festival hall very well - our bindings took this idea, strengthened it and made it a part of the logo.
(Photography by Wolfgang Zac)