A universal concept from communication to packaging.
Radatz is the Austrian market leader for meat and sausage products. Radatz is not only a genuine family firm, it is also a treat for the whole family. And this is exactly what we wanted to get across. The different members of the "Radatz family" which we developed appear in the classical communication as well as on the packaging and the homepage. Individual family members can be easily assigned to the right target group and product, as well as the right communication channel. What we also wanted, however, was to achieve immediate visual recognition of this relationship between the Radatz stores, products on supermarket shelves and even at the sausage stands which serve Radatz products. This is why we developed a classic label which brings the astoundingly broad product range into one homogenous family and which can be flexibly used in communication without any complications.
We translated the impressive brand strategy developed by Brainds into a communication idea and packaging concept.

(Photos by Wolfgang Zajc)