The wrong name with the right design, or how to learn from your mistakes.
Z√ľndel Branding dived into the world of mobile communications in 1997. When Connect Austria, the third Austrian provider to market invited us to pitch, we reduced the product down to the obvious message of the time and named the brand "hi". In 1997 we were simply unaware of the incredible scope for the imagination which mobile communications contained. In contrast, 'why not associates limited' in London presented the ingenious name "one" and got the contract. Happily however, Connect Austria was just as impressed by our visual approach to hi as we were by the telecommunications theme and in the end we were chosen to develop the corporate design for the one brand.
Since that time we have put a lot more energy into the strategic analysis of projects, as we will certainly never again underestimate products or services. We develop every brand with far greater caution and vision - every brand is planned to be future-proof. The brand must grow and be able to respond to and conquer the challenges of the future. After all, built-in obsolescence is the worst thing that can happen to a brand.
Zuendel Branding had developed the wrong name with the right design for DMC - Design for Media and Communication.

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