An urban development project which is growing and growing, with a brand that grows with it.
It’s no exaggeration to say that Viertel Zwei is Vienna’s most successful urban development project. We were privileged to give this forward-looking 2005 business site a Viennese-inspired name (Viertel Zwei is not only a nod to the location of Vienna’s second district, but also means 1.15pm in Viennese dialect).
The concept not only focuses on quality of life and work, but also brings a variety of different architectural styles together in harmony around a lake. These colourful buildings and the lively, creative design inspired us to create a colourful, flexible system logo. The office tower "Hoch Zwei", has become a component of the logo, just as "Biz Zwei", "Rund Vier" or the lake “H Zwei O“.
4,000 people currently enjoy the often elusive work-life balance. The next expansion phase - the "Viertel Zwei Plus” - will see the creation of space for a further 5,000 people by 2017. This phase will be exactly in the style of the existing Viertel Zwei with breathtaking architecture for offices, micro-apartments, student flats and ingenious city condos near the green expanse of the Prater park.
We have been with Viertel Zwei right from the groundbreaking - we originally developed the brand, name, logo and communication as Freude - Hagmann und Zündel Werbeagentur and with the new building phase we can show that the corporate design can grow with a project in the truest sense.
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