Brand message from Gasteinertal.
"The Miramonte Hotel is a beautiful architectural project which one could see growing, a design hotel with a real personality. Nowadays even that sounds like a contradiction in itself...", said the Süddeutsche magazine. This is precisely why a brand must be exceptionally flexible so that it can keep up with the building. Matthias Horx is a trend researcher who called the Miramonte "... a hide-away, a spiritual enclave where you find people with whom you want to share ideas...". This precisely sums up the essence of the place and this is why we show exactly these guests who have remained curious and let them speak for themselves. This approach is particularly important for tourism where the brand is not represented by a product, but rather by the people who consume it. After all, the guests who feel at home at the Miramonte are quite simply the best ambassadors the brand could have.
Zuendel Branding was responsible for brand development, corporate design, logo and all communication, from the homepage through to merchandising. The first two amazing mountain photos are by Giovanni Castell, the wonderful portraits of the guests and the building are by Klaus Vyhnalek.