A brand reinvents itself.
In 2009 play approached us to turn it into a mature brand and a serious market player. We have already taken elements of the somewhat confused corporate design, carefully modernised them and brought them together into a new, cohesive whole.
This has resulted in a Polish brand with an international tone, nothing less than an equal to competitors Orange or T-Mobile in terms of credibility.
When we launched the redesigned brand in 2009, play had just over 2 million customers. By mid 2012 this had quadrupled and play is Poland's fastest growing provider in every sector. Of course this is not purely driven by the brand itself, but it is a perfect example of how a classic, cautious relaunch can place a brand in the right position to make waves in the market. It's not always necessary to reinvent the wheel to get some momentum in brand development - the play brand grew in harmony with the needs of its clients and the market, following a logical curve, being true to itself and therefore managing not to alienate existing customers. It is precisely this and this alone which needed to be highlighted and experienced.

Zuendel Branding handled the complete corporate redesign.