goood: helping the world to get a better place.
The basic idea of goood is to upgrade everyday products with a social and charitable component. The first product - goood mobile - puts daily action for a better world literally into everybody‘s hands. With good the user gets a mobile communications package that is state of the art in technology and price - donating 10% of the bill to an individually chosen organisation. Without additional costs or effort. And because it feels good to raise millions together, goood invests in further social non-profit projects.
Calling and surfing for a better world justifies the third “o” in goood, just as the win-win-win situation for customers, NPOs and our society as a whole does.
Without moralising the brand proves, that helping can be fun. goood transforms any every-day action into a social movement. And the imagery does the same. The typical goood selfies represent communication in groups as well as the use of smart-phones.
Our branding, naming, corporate design, logo and communication helped to help. And this path is open to everyone now for good:

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