cell-c. The copyright on national pride.
South Africa is not just one of the world's most beautiful countries, it is also one of the poorest. We decided not to establish any kind of classic, Americanised, happy, telecoms brand (as is common in the market), instead opting for an honest brand with a lot of local colour and even more national pride. We're celebrating the country, the people and the colours of the world's most beautiful flag. And taking ownership of it by using the copyright sign. Even the names of the tariffs stem from this basic idea - the fastest data product is the cheetah, the one with the largest data packet is the elephant, the promise is in the name. Logical, straightforward, honest, and very South African.

Zuendel was able to develop a completely new brand - from the logo to POS through to classic communication; the only fixed parameter was the name cell-c.