One brand for 2,000 hours of programming a day.
ARD, the consortium of public-law broadcasting institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany consists of 11 TV channels and 51 radio programmes, producing almost 2,000 hours of radio and TV programmes every day. The number one on the other hand stands for the first German broadcaster, i.e. ARD's shared programming, and therefore not only visually represents the strongest brand, but also stands for the idea of unity.
So it seemed only natural to give the one a starring role and turn it into an umbrella brand. An umbrella brand has to embody natural strength while at the same time harmoniously uniting the highly varied brands of all of the different stations.
The form of a copyright sign suddenly made this balancing act possible - all of the TV, radio and internet brands were skilfully brought together without having to make any major changes to their corporate design.
ARD's current corporate design is actually more of a statement than a design, which makes it able to unite an incredible range of products in a memorable and convincing manner.

The ARD brand world was developed for DMC - Design for Media and Communication.