A helmet becomes a brand.
The world's foremost Kunstkammer collection will open in early 2013. We have been communicating this construction countdown by taking everyday items from the construction site and exaggerating them with such opulence that they rival the priceless Kunstkammer exhibits from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
Throughout the entire construction period a gilded container has been a conspicuous presence directly in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, offering a sneak preview of the Kunstkammer, and a 3D one at that. The hard hat morphed into an opulent gold bicycle helmet and everyone who buys one automatically becomes a key Kunstkammer patron, as the point of the initiative is not just to raise awareness, but also to raise funds.
We are delighted not only that so many celebrities have come out for the campaign, or that the media has been so positive, but also that the helmets have been selling so well that the range was extended to include ski helmets.
However the helmet not only helps to build the Kunstkammer, it also gives the Kunsthistorisches Museum an ever more prominent and appealing image in the city.

And now if you want to help not just in your head, but also on it, you can do that here:

Concept and idea by Zuendel Branding; photography by Wolfgang Zac.