An authentic name is often the key to a strong brand. Here you can find some examples of brands which we have helped to establish a good name for themselves.

Choosing goood gives each call another good purpose! The donation of 10% to a charity organisation of your choice will make the world a better place. Just as the naming promises: For it turns just good into very goood!
(for more see goood case study)

you should be able to recognise a natural bee product simply from its name.
(for more see Bee Pure case study)

The design agency 'Büro 16' wanted to focus on the development of intelligent brands and to underline this fact with a new name. That's why we simply 'merged' brand and brains.

Radio Volare
The naming of this Italian radio station alone already broadcasts Dolce Vita and makes the quintessential Italian hit 'Volare' ring in every ear.
(for more see our Volare case study)

Patientube gives patients a voice, a story, a face - and thus it creates a community. We translated this philanthropic idea into the brand promise 'Unalone'. It is not a brand name in the classical sense, but good enough proof, that you can combine mission, vision, attitude and communication in one single word.

New Marx
since the St. Marx area was already home to more than 100 companies from so-called new business sectors, the smallest common denominator became the largest common name.
(for more see New Marx case study)

the first international brand from A1Telekom Austria offers broadband for those on the go, so abroadband was actually the only logical name.
(for more see abroadband case study)

an electro-powered racer competing in the Austrian Rally Championships gets its logical name.
(for more see e-mobility case study)

Airwin stands for mobile fun and gambling - so the mix of Air and Win translates this one to one.
(Siehe auch die Case-Study airwin)
nächst Stephan
(nächst means near or next to) There is not a single office building in Vienna closer to St. Stephen's Cathedral nor one which brings together tradition and modernity or heritage and innovation as closely.
(for more see nächst Stephan case study)

by consistently positioning cell-c as South Africa's national pride, the name for the fastest data product came about all on its own.
(for more see one case study cell-c)

The two Austrian furniture stores Kika and Leiner actually come from a single organisation, with a shared product range and advertising budget. This is why the only possible name for a joint discount brand would be kleina,- (kleina sounds like kleiner what stands for smaller). We managed to convince the agency Brainds of this, although unfortunately we haven’t convinced the client yet!

Romeo & Julia
For the simple reason that this real estate project consists of two separate buildings which are stylistically linked by the feature of a balcony, we decided to take inspiration from Shakespeare’s most famous love story.

Social work 'donates' attention and precious time to people in need. This time-investment is saved up in 'Zeitpolster' and it can be re-drawn by the donator for himself. The name 'Zeitpolster', literally 'Time-Cushion', explains the system and the benefit in one take: a good nights sleep without worries, on both sides.

In the heart of Viennese district Floridsdorf, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) are developing a city quarter with 700 apartments around a patch of allotments. Urban qualities meet sophisticated greenery from urban gardening through to vertical gardens. The name comes from the simple and obvious sum of location and USP: Floridsdorf + Garden = Florasdorf

Illness and poverty oftentimes make way for a dark odyssey to the bottom of our society. The social-aid-fund 'Nodyssee' gives orientation and hope to many disadvantaged. Fast and in a non-bureaucratic way.
(for more see Nodyssee case study)

('mit' means 'with') The architect Christian Pichler and his staff are committed to their work 'with' heart and soul,
'with' vision, 'with' clients and also 'with' other groups of architects for exciting solutions.
Let’s be honest: As entrepreneur you do not just want good employees, you want real heroes! assembles Human Resources with fantastic skills, especially for those insanely powerful and unearthly fast digital start-ups.

A new initiative searching solutions for a better integration of refugees is named according to the method and the aim. The fusion of idea and integration leads to ‘Ideegration'.

Knox Data
It is well known that the USA’s gold reserves are completely secure at Fort Knox. Nowadays, data is increasingly referred to as the modern gold and Knox Data - with its cutting-edge data centre - offers complete security for this precious resource.
(for more see Knox Data case study)

Fremde werden Freunde
In times of a refugee-wave the phonetic proximity of ‘Freunde und Fremde', literally 'Friends and Strangers', has a certain attraction. We were allowed to support this refugee aid association turning strangers into friends verbally and visually.

enhorse raises the performance of sports horses. The phonetic bread of enforce, enhance and horse describes the benefit of this complex system very clear and at a gallop.

In the true sense of the word, Bildünger is an initiative that cultivates the broad fields of education with contemporary concepts and fresh ideas, then supports their growth and makes them blossom.

as the client specified the name PLS, it may seem that this does not qualify as a Zündel-made name, although since we came up with the plus as a visual, we think it does.