Corporate Design from ARD to (and by) Zuendel.
In more than twice-20 years Petra and Rudolf Zuendel have had the pleasure of developing some large brands and - with just as much care - some of the smallest ones too. Here you can see the logos of major companies alongside coats of arms for private people from 18 different countries. All were developed with passion and we have accompanied, nourished and cultivated some of them for many years.
Many of these works have garnered international acclaim. Here are just some of the prizes Zuendel has won: Gold Award Of Montreux; gold and shortlist at Cannes Lions; twice winner of the Berliner Type, gold; Econ Award, gold; South African Sappi Award, silver; 4 gold and 3 bronze Veneri from Creativ Club Austria; one gold and one silver Austrian Effie; 4 Austrian National Awards, gold, and many more.