Bösendorfer - Re-intonating a Jewel of the Brand Scene.
Since 1828 Bösendorfer has been celebrating uncompromising love for music, dedication to craftsmanship and the continuous drive to perfection. Confessing Bösendorfer enthusiasts can be found in many epochs and across all music styles: from Kaiser Franz and Sissi, Franz Liszt, Herbert von Karajan and the Beatles up to Michael Jackson or Daniil Trifonov.
Each Bösendorfer Grand Piano requires about 1,000 hours of manual work. With its new Concert Grand Piano Bösendorfer proves impressively, that the world‘s best grand pianos are still build in Vienna. Just like the fascinating new instrument the brand Bösendorfer was to be tuned to state-of-the-art technology. Consequently the brand values, that had been true for almost 200 years, were revitalized, freed of burdens and polished to high gloss. In order to bring the fascination of this unique brand back to life, we actually had to remove more “old” elements than to invent new ones.
Strategy and look are just as traditional as they are innovative; and they reflect the characteristic “sound-spectrum” Bösendorfer is world famous for.
We were trusted with the re-intonation of the entire Bösendorfer corporate design. From the spacing of the logo across the product branding up to communication, literature and homepage. From the TÜV badge to classical advertising we tuned all marketing instruments to the warm and brilliant Bösendorfer sound.

We applaud Bösendorfer for curiosity and give standing ovations for our strategic co-composer Hannes Aigner.

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