The star in Austria’s brand firmament.
Kneissl is truly a cult brand. A cult which extends beyond Austria's borders and even beyond a single moment in time. The Kneissl is driven by a pioneering spirit - Kneissl was the first ski-maker in Austria and today every ski contains multiple Kneissl inventions, even skis of other brands. Franz Klammer, Bernhard Russi, Hansi Hinterseer (before he started singing) and Ivan Lendl (who won Wimbledon with a Kneissl racket) are just some of the brand ambassadors who still have huge appeal today. This also holds true for the brand itself.
We prepared the brand for its planned relaunch by employing bold applications and a combination of the existing design elements. Without changing the star or the Kneissl lettering, we breathed new life into the brand. We were able to touch our childhood dream - the Kneissl White Star - and finally able not only to ride it ourselves, but also to shape it. The 2009/10 ski collection bears our design; sadly, however, there was an investor who couldn't keep his promises and this was also the last collection Kneissl produced. Regardless, Kneissl is one of the crown jewels of the Austrian brand world and is certain to live on even after insolvency.
Together with Brainds, we reinterpreted the brand and developed the ski design and communication for a rainy day.

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