Palmers - Rebirth of a Cult Brand.
His vivid sense for the desire of women, for the market and for brands made Ludwig Palmer create a European fashion icon in 1914. Palmers has been more of a cult-brand than a consumer good ever since. The 1980 Palmers campaign for example created a new style for an entire generation. Top photographers as Herb Ritts or Elfie Semotan did spectacular shootings with Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista in Palmers lingerie.
After the founding-family retired the brand lost glamour, the proven brand values were diluted, even the legendary logo was eliminated and the striking Palmers Green along with it.
In 2016 the new Palmers owners approached us. We were delighted to prove, that core elements of the genuine brand could very well be saved and transformed into the new millennium. We just took the visual Palmers DNA and knitted it tightly to the necessary self-esteem, the familiar style competence und to the successful commitment to quality. With great joy we witnessed, that the retransformation of the brand neither puzzled nor irritated the customers a bit. On the contrary: The new Palmers was greeted like an old and well trusted friend. Every woman in Austria understood the re-launch of the “Pre-Design” at first sight: as the proof of loyalty and the promise of quality, Palmers stands for.

In cooperation with Rosebud Inc. Zündel Branding was allowed to put one of the most legendary Austrian logos to perfection and to unify, structure and to regulate the entire corporate design down to the “present-coins”. A true privilege!

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