Vienna business hub lives up to its name.
Over 100 companies have moved to the 37-hectare site of the former St Marx slaughterhouse in Vienna, the majority of which fall into the category of new business. We were privileged to give this hub for media, research and technology the only name which really fits: New Marx.
The geographic location of the site is crystal clear to any Viennese and the name evokes the site's spirit of euphoria and innovation.
New Marx is not only a business location, here it's much more about people sharing their visions and inspiring each other; for this, the setting plays a key role. 114 years of history, 6,000 jobs, 700 students from 40 countries, 268,000 square metres of offices and laboratories and seven film studios provide a fertile breeding ground for inspiration.
This is why our site portrait is also dedicated to the people who define New Marx - now and for the future.

Naming, brand development, positioning, corporate design, logo and communications by Zuendel Branding - pictures are by Klaus Vyhnalek.

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